‘Pro-paedophile links of former mayor’ : Islington Gazette 11.5.2017

The Islington Gazette published a very important story yesterday. It was the first of three editions relating to  the ‘non-recent’ abuse of children who were in the care of the London Borough of Islington placed in  children’s homes, foster homes boarding schools and secure units.  We thank journalist Emma Youle and editor Ramzy Alwakeel for their professional and sensitive approach to this subject. 

Following this publicity, we have agreed to meet with council leader Richard Watts who has invited us to  discuss with him, and council officers, how the Council will respond to these further allegations and to follow-up on the discussion we had with him last year.

We wish to emphasise that ISN want first and foremost an Islington police-led investigation working with the full co-operation of the council and the Local Safeguarding Children Board with the involvement of ISN throughout.  

A virtual copy of the newspaper is available on this link.

All the coverage is here:

Video: Pro-paedophile links of former Mayor

Charlotte Russell who conducted the research that informed the article – has a blog.  She has published more information with original documentation about the group the ‘Fallen Angels’ referred to in the article. Here are the links:

IGA Conference April 1980: The Fallen Angels take PIE’s fight to Barcelona

Little Angels? A letter to Socialist Challenge from Fallen Angel Tim Brown (October 1979)

Fallen Angels: Paedophilia – Summary Submission to the ILGA Conference, Barcelona 1980

If you were in an Islington children’s home and were abused sexually, physically, emotionally or through neglect – we would like to hear from you. If you were a witness to abuse, perhaps a former staff member – please get in contact. We know it isn’t easy to come forward – it takes immense courage.  We don’t have a phone but you can email islingtonsn@gmail.com. There is a form on the front page if it suits you to fill it in then please do.

If you give us a phone number we will call you. 

You can also write to us;

Islington Survivors Network ; c/o Islington Link Up, 16-18 Hornsey road, London N7 7BP.

[Former members of staff can email one of the ISN co-ordinators Liz Davies (registered social worker and academic)  in confidence:  l.davies@londonmet.ac.uk]

Donations to: https://www.gofundme.com/282fy5w