An account of Liz Davies’  role as a professional social worker employed to protect children is well described in a Guardian Article. Liz worked in Islington between 1986 and 1992  in 4 neighbourhood offices, Rosedale, Beaumont Rise, Clocktower and Irene Watson. At Irene Watson office she worked with the neighbourhood officer social services (NOSS) David Cofie and together they investigated the abuse of children both within the community and in the children’s homes. They first reported their concerns in 1990 and with professionals from other key agencies such as health, education, police and probation, completed 15 reports for senior management as well as for the Area Child Protection Committee. Some of their investigations were closed down and, after Liz left the authority, she reported her concerns to police at Scotland Yard. Later, extensive media coverage led to 13 Inquiries. The final Inquiry in 1995 found no evidence of organised abuse networks. She has continued over 25 years to investigate what happened to vulnerable children in Islington’s care and is currently preparing evidence to present to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.