ISN Questions – seeking answers – can you help?

We are going to keep putting questions out on this website and we hope for some answers. Please email us if you can help:

1.Colin Ridding was an Islington social worker who disappeared in the early 90s. He had New Zealand connections. Has anyone seen him or does anyone know where he is? The final Islington Inquiry in 1995 commented on this and the importance of finding him.


 2. Geoffrey Dickens, conservative MP who died in 1995, was contacted by residents on the Elthorne Park estate about ‘child brothels’. Does anyone remember this –  the dossier he wrote on this is missing. Perhaps you were a resident on that estate in the mid 80s and remember something about it.  It was reported in the local press even saying they gave him a tape to listen to as proof. He reported this to the police.


3. A recent government Inquiry made a vague link between Jimmy Saville and Sheringham Road Children’s Home. Does anyone know why? The details are not in the report.


4. Hutton Poplars was a children’s home in Essex where Islington children were sent from the 60s to the 80s. Does anyone know how many Islington children were sent there and where their records might be?


5. Islington children in care were sent on many holidays within the UK and abroad. We are keen to know more about these holidays.

In 1992, a solicitor Robin Lewis from the legal firm Bindmans wrote in the Islington Gazette asking for information about child abuse and children in Islington’s care on holidays in the early 80s. We haven’t managed to find this solicitor and are keen to have any information at all in relation to holidays children were sent on.




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