A brief update from ISN

Our reaching out to survivors and care leavers from Islington, via social media and this website, is helping more survivors  to come forward.  This is what we are doing:

When a survivor first sends their form to us, or contacts us, we agree with them to telephone them and then to meet up – if that is what they want.   When we meet we take a brief account of what they experienced as a child in Islington’s care – perhaps in foster homes, children’s homes or even secure units and boarding schools. If they want us to help them obtain their files then we help them to do this and we have worked hard with the council to make this process much improved. The council have been very responsive to our suggestions in making our visit to the council to collect the files a more sensitive experience.

Then we discuss what the survivor wants to do and talk things over.

We are having regular meetings now at LinkUp Café on Hornsey Road . The detail of what happened to each person is not discussed at these meetings but there is lots of discussion and people get to know each other.  Basically the word is getting round fast!

Lots of  people coming forward have need of support. We are in discussion with the council in getting counselling set up and also practical help where needed. This is taking time but please believe we are doing as much as we can on this to move things on.

If you know somewhere in Islington where you can put up our flyers on noticeboards or in libraries or anywhere you think is important – please let us know and we will get some to you.

We hope that any staff who worked in Islington,  and wish to help us, will come forward.  We have asked Islington to provide an amnesty for staff to make sure there are no recriminations if someone still works for the council and wants to help us.

email:   islingtonsn@gmail.com








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