Islington Survivors -three weeks of Islington Gazette coverage

11th May Edition Islington Gazette was the first of 3 weeks coverage for Islington Survivors Network (See previous post 12th May).  ISN again thank the journalist Emma Youle for her hard work in continuing to present our views so clearly to the public.  More survivors have come forward to ISN  as a result of reading the articles.

Since these articles were published, ISN  have a meeting planned with Richard Watts, Council Leader to discuss the best way forward with a QC (lawyer) appointed by the council.  Islington Council are recruiting a senior social worker to work two days a week with ISN in order to help survivors with support needs such as housing, benefits and counselling/therapy as well as to assist referral of current safeguarding issues. The council has also assisted two survivors with their housing needs.

ISN also have a meeting next week with a senior investigating officer from Operation Winter Key to discuss how we can work together with police in seeking justice for Islington Survivors and prosecutions to protect current children from harm.

All the coverage is here: The online coverage is different from the virtual copy which is an exact copy of the newspaper.

A virtual copy of the newspaper is available on this link for Edition 11th May

Video: Pro-paedophile links of former Mayor

11th May Islington Gazette Editor’s comment

18th May Edition of the Islington Gazette examines the need for a police-led investigation

Here is the link to the virtual copy of Edition 18th May:

Police inquiry kids home scandal 18-05-17

26th May Edition of the Islington Gazette included three survivor accounts

Here is the link to the virtual copy of Edition 26th May 2017:

Survivors speak out 25-05-17

In the late 70s and early 80s children were moved out of homes based in Hertfordshire, Harlow and Enfield and brought within the Borough. This was a policy promoted at the time.  Most homes were situated in North Islington such as 18 Highbury Grove ( known to survivors as the hostel), 11-12 Highbury Crescent, 29 and 80 Highbury New Park, 114 Grosvenor Avenue, Northampton Park, 14 Conewood Street, 1 and 3 Elwood Street and 11 Sheringham Road. If anyone has photographs of these homes we would like to see them as we have very few pictures so far.


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