Islington Survivors Network: New website and a news update

Welcome to our new ISN website. Very many thanks to supporters of ISN, who donated money for this and helped us work on it, so that we have a much better working website easier for us to use and  which works with all devices.  At the top of the home page is our phone number 0300 302 0930. You can leave a message and we will receive it as an attachment to an email.  Our CONTACT page is also much improved and more straightforward.  We will slowly be updating all the pages and adding new information. If you spot anything that needs changing, have photos of the children’s homes or anything you think needs adding to the pages please let us know.

If you did read the news about a fire at London Metropolitan University – it meant we couldn’t get into the office for a week but it’s fine now and our room was not affected.

We have some good news:

1. The council have appointed a social worker to assist ISN survivors with support issues. This will include housing, benefits, counselling, therapy and other matters important to us.

We at ISN will continue supporting survivors to access their care files.

2. Islington Clinical Commissioning Group has  asked us to advise on a new counselling service commissioned from the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust. We have received the proposal and a joint meeting is to be arranged soon between the council, the Trust and ISN co-ordinators.

3. Islington Housing Aid Team have been very helpful to ISN  survivors who require housing services

4. At the council meeting on 28th September, Richard Watts, Council Leader, gave an apology to Islington Survivors and also an acceptance of culpability. He responded to the many ISN survivors and our supporters who spoke out at the meeting. He answered every question and made clear that he and council members and officers were there to listen and learn.

ISN co-ordinators have a meeting soon with Richard Watts. This meeting is to update ISN about the preparations for the review of the White Inquiry report (1995) which was agreed at the council executive meeting on 28th September. Two investigators have been appointed, by the council, to prepare and collate evidence for the barrister who will lead the review.

5. Operation Winter Key – the Metropolitan Police response to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is now working closely with ISN in the investigation of reported crime associated with child abuse within Islington children’s homes, foster care and placements in secure units and boarding schools.  Please contact us if you can assist with an investigation as a victim of crime or witness to crime connected to non-recent (historic) child abuse in Islington’s children’s homes and placements. The investigations concern abuse in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

6. ISN is hearing from many more survivors every week. Thanks to everyone who is passing on our ‘calling’ cards to survivors as you meet up in and around Islington.  Person to person  is definitely the best way people are hearing about us.  We work hard to get back quickly to every person who gets in contact.


The Islington Gazette has published all the recent press coverage,  including about the council meeting on the 28th September, in one long post available HERE

The Islington Tribune coverage of the council meeting on 28th September is HERE

A Podcast of ISN speaking at Camden Community Radio is available HERE

A blog about Gisburne House, Islington children’s home which was in Watford Hertfordshire,  is available HERE

ISN survivor James writes about his experiences in Beecholme children’s home HERE

Teenage Remand Centres a World in Action programme from 1977 has a few minutes footage of Gisburne House. Available from Amazon HERE  . It does include film of Geoff Wylde Jones the Superintendent so for those survivors who were in Gisburne – keep yourselves safe if you watch this.



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