ISN prepares evidence – please help to fund our research

Islington Survivors Network is in need of funding to support our work. Today, the QC Sarah Morgan has been appointed to begin an investigation into the Inquiries of the 90s

We are preparing evidence for this investigation. This means bringing together information about abusers and the people who colluded with them so that we can pursue justice. There are many connections and conclusions to be made from all the information we have now heard from survivors who have come forward.  The information is drawn from survivor accounts, evidence from the 90s and from research. We need funds to help us to produce a well- researched report which we will make public.  New survivors are coming forward every week.

Please donate to Islington Survivors GoFundMe

OR contact us for our bank details.  email:

Islington Survivors Network, set up in 2016,  is a Community Interest Company. It is an advocacy service for survivors and whistleblowers seeking justice and healing for victims of organised and institutional abuse in Islington children’s homes and foster placements or placed by Islington council  in secure units and boarding schools. Over 80 survivors have come forward as well as some former staff and witnesses. All the work is voluntary.

ISN call out to  victims and witnesses of physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect within an Islington childrens home, foster home, adoptive home or within a network of institutional abuse in Islington. There were 23 Islington children’s homes between 1960 and 2000.

In September 2017, ISN received an admission of culpability from Islington Council and an apology.

Funding is needed to support the advocacy work,  engagement with Islington Council in the development of support services, campaigning and  research into the history of the institutional and organised networks and work towards a redress scheme.







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