About Us

You might be reading this because you are a survivor of child abuse within an Islington children’s home, or you may have witnessed a child being abused in one of the homes. You might be a friend, relative, parent of an abused child or a professional who worked within the care system. You might be someone who worked in a children’s home or neighbourhood office perhaps as a cook, cleaner, driver,residential care worker or administrator.

We would like to hear from you

Contact us if you have something to add to the story of child abuse in Islington.
We know that organised, powerful, networks of child abusers operated across the country, including within Islington. It’s a big jigsaw we are piecing together and all details are important.

If you did not witness abuse but have knowledge of Islington Social Services, then please help us collect information about the children’s homes and staff who worked in them. We are trying to put facts and dates together to help us make sense of what survivors tell us. Files and documents have gone missing, so what you remember is very important as a survivor or as a witness to abuse – even if your account goes back a good few years to the 50s or earlier.

Some careleavers speak of good experiences in Islington’s care and it is just as important that we hear about the positives as well as about the abuse. Sometimes things changed for the worst when a new manager came into post or a new member of staff joined the team. This is all helpful information for us.

What’s important

Our priority is to assist Islington survivors  to find healing and to achieve justice which might be through seeking redress from the council or through police action in prosecuting abusers. Our first step is usually to provide help to access the survivor’s care file from Islington Council. We also work to protect children now from harm and your evidence might help to do that if the alleged abuser is alive and still in contact with children.

We look forward to hearing from you – if you have any questions please contact us.

Whether you are a survivor or witness, writing about your experiences is not easy.  NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood) is a UK-wide charity which has a free support line (0808 801 0331) Visit site.


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