Doris Daly – Tree Planting

Tree planted in honour of victims of child sex abuse in Islington Care Homes will stay

Islington Gazette 15th April

Doris Daly, former journalist now aged 85,  was an advocate for a child in care.  In 1993, with two girls who were in care and Anna Scher (drama teacher), she planted a tree at Highbury Corner, in the centre of the roundabout, in memory of child victims of sexual abuse in Islington childrens’ homes.

‘Those two girls were overjoyed that a tree was planted for them. The idea was that they too would grow and flourish with the tree regardless of what happened around them‘.

Transport for London are currently revamping the area and Doris was worried that the tree might be uprooted. However, TfL have told Doris that the tree will not be affected. She said, ‘Its a victory for the children who were in care in Islington .. their evergreen tree will be preserved as a marker for them to continue to grow and survive tenaciously as their tree grows from a tiny tree to a Christmas tree’.

ISN (Islington Survivors Network) did not know about this tree and we hope Islington Council will place a sign on it so that it is easily recognised and becomes a clear and important symbol for Islington survivors. Doris’s concern this week about the tree is proof that the abuse of Islington children is not forgotten.





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