Emlyn Cassam – Author Islington Inquiry reports 1993-1994

LBIInquiry 94 




Emlyn Cassam was the Director of Social Services in Norfolk in the 90s.  In 1993, he was co-author with Brian McAndrew of, A report for the London Borough of Islington on the management of child care within the neighbourhood services department. This report focussed on the management structures in place at the time.  https://spotlightonabuse.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/times290793.jpg

Child care ‘in crisis’ (05.08.93)

In August 1994, he wrote, ‘Independent management review into the case of Child B’. There were concerns about Islington’s response to a boy alleged to have been ‘involved in a paedophile network’. Cassam concluded there was a lack of urgency in responding to allegations of abuse, no co-ordination at a senior level and lack of evidence of manager’s involvement or ‘grip on events’ (an application for the release of this report under the Freedom of Information Act was refused).

He also wrote in September 1994, ‘ Independent report for Islington Borough Council into the care and protection provided by the council to Child Y’ a case highlighted by the Social Services Inspectorate as requiring independent review.  Again, he reported a lack of urgency in responding to the allegations and no care plan in place for the child. In February 1995, he wrote an ‘Independent report for Islington Borough Council into the care and protection provided by the council to Child Z’.  In this report he highlighted lack of effective managerial control and inadequate care planning.

Emlyn Cassam also conducted a review for Sunderland Council in 1992.

When he published his findings, he criticised the council’s failure to deal with concerns but strongly advised the council not to dig out the history of abuse in the childrens’ homes. Cassam said that “picking over the bones” would be bad for morale  and it would distract resources away from current abuse.


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