Margaret Hodge – Leader of Islington Council – 1982-1992





World Tonight interview with Liz Davies 2003

Today Programme 30th June 2003. Interview with Liz Davies with Margaret Hodge comment.

Margaret Hodge was a Labour councillor in Islington in 1973 and became leader of the council between 1982 and 1992. She was a local councillor for Irene Watson Neighbourhood Office and first received a report from social workers about their concerns  of abuse networks in 1990 when in this role. 

She was Minister for Children between 2003-5 appointed by Tony Blair and Demetrious Panton, an Islington survivor, spoke out against this appointment and received a formal apology from her after she had described him as ‘disturbed’.

Her role in the Islington child abuse story is very well documented and articles are listed in the Press section of this website as well as on She has apologised many times for listening to and being misled by her senior officers who she says told her that there was no foundation to the allegations being made.






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