Neville Mighty – Whistleblower – Residential Social Worker



Neville Mighty was Deputy Manager of 18 Highbury Grove children’s home and worked in a number of other homes in Islington such as Conewood Street and Grosvenor Avenue. He had gained knowledge about child abuse within the children’s homes. He  blew the whistle in 1992 about the abuse of children by perpetrators who he had reported to his managers as gaining access to Highbury Grove children’s home. He then became the subject of allegations himself. Islington council dismissed him for gross misconduct and his name was placed on the Protection of Children Act List which was the procedure in place at the time to prevent someone working with children.  These events were then used by politicians to try and discredit what Neville was saying to the media. In 1993 a court action against him was dropped on the basis of no evidence.  It took a campaign of ten years for his name to be removed from the list when it eventually became possible legally to lodge an appeal.

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