Islington Gazette article

Many thanks to the Islington Gazette for putting us on the front page this week as well as a more in depth article on pages 4 and 5. We hope this will help more Islington survivors of organised and institutional abuse to come forward.

The article mentioned the council advice for survivors of abuse to report matters to the police. It is essential for us to work with police in order to protect children, gain justice for survivors and convict perpetrators.  Yet, we know that it is very hard for survivors to speak about child abuse/crimes and to report to the authorities events which might have taken place some years ago. It is also difficult to call or turn up at your local police station and speak to someone who may not be well informed about what you are referring to.

We are trying to set up a link with Islington police so that a dedicated officer can be fully informed about  Islington Survivors Network and work closely with us to support and advise survivors who wish to report crimes against children.

Meanwhile, we want to clarify that you can complete our online form anonymously if you want to. You can also contact us via the website contact page. We would like to hear from you. 


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