11-12 Highbury Crescent

Address: 11-12 Highbury Crescent, London N5

Open: 1971 – 1998

Number of ISN survivors that lived at Highbury Crescent children’s home. 

67 : 34 women and 33 men

1970s:12 boys 10 girls

1980s: 20 boys 22 girls

1990s: 1 boy 2 girls

Numbers of children living at Highbury Crescent children’s home named by ISN survivors as living in this home: 142: 76 girls and 66 boys

1970s: 33 boys 31 girls

1980s: 31 boys 43 girls

1990s: 2 boys 2 girls

Numbers of children stated in documents as living in Highbury Crescent children’s home:

1971 council document stated Highbury Crescent was designed for 34 places. 24 for residential places and 10 for emergency day/overnight provision.

1972 press report (Islington Gazette 24.3.72) states home is for 20 children age 4-17 years.

1974 advertisement Highbury Crescent is a short stay children’s home for 29 children with accommodation for the Superintendent of a 3 bedroomed flat. Both single and married couple considered – in the latter both parties can be employed.

Observer 30.6.74 p20

1986 press report states May-Sept 9184 there were 24 staff and 10 residents (Islington Gazette 18.7.86)

1988 press report (Islington Gazette 8.12.88) states Highbury Crescent as have 14 places for short term care of children.

31.5.90 (Islington Gazette) states that the building is now a new style Family Centre for 14 children not as it was for 40 children as a children’s home.

Residential staff named by ISN survivors as working in Highbury Crescent children’s home: 56 men and 53 women

Life at Highbury Crescent children’s home This information will be added soon

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