Operation Redrail 2 (IICSA Submission)

‘Council will spend up to £16million compensating victims of a child sex abuse scandal in care homes that Scotland Yard refused to investigate’ Mail on Sunday, 25th April 2021. Campaigners are critical of Sue Akers, a retired Met Police deputy assistant commissioner in charge of child abuse investigations in Islington in 1995. Last night, Ms Akers, 65, who was awarded a CBE in 2013, said she did not recall rejecting the council’s request for an investigation, but added: ‘Historic abuse investigations are problematic from an evidence and resources point of view.’

The excerpt below is from this police report which was submitted to IICSA (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.) It is part of an outline of the various attempts by Islington police and the Islington Director of Social Services to get a, ‘wider investigation into child abuse within Islington Social Services following publication of the White Report.’ The requests were refused by Det Supt Akers who held the Metropolitan Police portfolio for child protection in 1999 and whose reasoning is included in this report. She said that she considered the likely effect on potential victims of abuse – yet ISN survivors and whistleblowers have been campaigning for a widescale police investigation since the 90s. Det Supt Akers was critical of a previous investigation regarding Gisburne House. There is still no justice for the 60 survivors have come forward to ISN from that children’s home.

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