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Abuse is Abuse

Abuse is abuse it shouldn’t depend on the number of times it happened

Abuse is abuse

Abuse is abuse no matter where it took place

Absolutely this should not be ignored abuse is abuse

Why not? Abuse is abuse

Why not? Abuse is abuse

Abuse is abuse no matter where you live

Abuse is abuse

Abuse is abuse no matter where or when it took place

Abuse is abuse it doesn’t matter where it happened

Abuse is abuse in any form of disguise

Abuse is abuse

Some ISN opinions on the Support Payment scheme proposal

10th March: Islington Council announced a proposal for a Non-Recent Child Abuse Support Payment Scheme

The Scheme is for survivors who ‘suffered emotional. physical and sexual abuse whist resident in the council’s children’s homes from 1966-1995. The proposal will enable survivors to receive a financial support payment without having to bring a civil compensation claim. It has been designed to enable eligible applicants to receive a payment more quickly than having to go through the trauma of the lengthy civil compensation claims process’

Islington Council have provided 5 documents relating to this proposed scheme:

Please also refer to:

[The council has not used these definitions in their proposal but ISN will always refer to these statutory definitions of child abuse which are recognised by all involved in the investigation of child abuse (current and non-recent) and which include neglect as a category of abuse.]

Islington Survivors Network received these documents on 10th March, held an initial meeting with council officers and consulted ISN Directors and our legal team at Leigh Day solicitors. The proposed scheme was presented at the Council Executive meeting on 18th March and is now open to consultation over the next 6 weeks. ISN will of course respond in detail to the proposals. This is the first scheme of its kind and is different from the redress scheme which ISN proposed over 3 years ago based on the Lambeth scheme. Since that time ISN has continually campaigned on this issue on behalf of over 200 survivors.

We broadly welcome this new proposal which suggests payments of £8000 as a flat rate payment to survivors of abuse in Islington children’s homes. The proposal gives important recognition to survivors harmed in Islington’s care and restates the council leader’s apology in 2017, when he also admitted the council’s culpability.

In applying for payment, the survivor’s own account will be the key material used to establish that abuse took place – as well as having been a resident in an Islington children’s home. ISN know of 42 children’s homes and now await the publication of the council’s own list.

ISN have a number of key points to make as part of our submission to the consultation. In particular we will argue strongly for the inclusion of neglect as a category of abuse and the inclusion of survivors abused in Islington foster placements. We will also seek to clarify the suggested process of application for the scheme to ensure easy accessibility and sensitivity to all ISN survivors.

When the scheme is finalised, ISN will provide advocacy, at every stage of the process, for survivors wishing to apply for payment.

In 2017 the Islington Council Leader said:

‘This was the darkest chapter in the council’s history.’

‘There was systematic failure all the way through the council through all those years.’

We are desperately sorry – children were subjected to terrible physical and mental abuse.’


ISN posted to all survivors a consultation form with a stamped addressed envelope and have now received over 100 of these. We now have a PO Box address because of not being able to access our office during lockdown. We have also sought the views of former staff who have supported ISN. Since the scheme was announced many more survivors have come forward.

Press Coverage about the Support Payment Scheme

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‘Children’s home scandal: care abuse victims to get payout’ Islington Tribune, 12th March 2021

‘Survivors of abuse in Islington children’s homes to receive support payments’ Islington Gazette, 22nd March 2021

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‘Consultation over £8k payouts to survivors of care home abuse’ Islington Tribune, 9th April 2021

‘Millions for victims of children’s home abuse’ Mail on Sunday, 25th April 2021

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