The Highbury Tree

The Highbury Tree – planted for children who were abused in LBI children’s homes.  

“From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow…

why not a forest?”

Doris Daly to ISN, 2018

“Good to know you are still battling – Keep the Aspidistra Flying”

Doris Daly to ISN, 2018

Islington Gazette  15th April 2016 

Doris Daly, former journalist and campaigner, was a volunteer advocate in the 90s for 2 children who were in Islington’s care.  In 1993, with the two girls and Anna Scher (drama teacher), she planted a tree at Highbury Corner, in the centre of the roundabout, in memory of child victims of abuse in Islington children’s homes. This tree now thrives – it is a pine tree Doris had grown from a seed. She reported to the Gazette in April 2016 her concerns that the tree would be harmed by the restructuring of the area and was accurately reassured by Transport for London that it would remain untouched. 

Doris said at the time; 

‘Those two girls were overjoyed that a tree was planted for them. The idea was that they too would grow and flourish with the tree regardless of what happened around them‘. 

 Its a victory for the children who were in care in Islington .. their evergreen tree will be preserved as a marker for them to continue to grow and survive tenaciously as their tree grows from a tiny tree to a Christmas tree’. 

ISN, since 2016, have asked Islington Council to place a sign beside the tree so that it is easily recognised and becomes a clear and important symbol for Islington survivors in this central place of attention in the Borough.  

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Doris Daly
ISN photo of Doris named as a volunteer ‘ALLY’ with this project in 1996 which was much valued by some of the few children in LBI homes who got this service
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