Missing Children

Martin Allen

15 year old Martin Allen was last seen at Kings Cross underground station on 5th November 1979 on the way to visit his brother in Holloway. More on Martin Allen here.

Tommy Brereton

Tommy was known to Islington Social Services as a ‘child at risk’. He was reported missing in August 1979 – 8 months after he was said to have disappeared. His mother said Tommy left his home in Arundel Square, Islington when she gave him to her friends Michael and Kathleen O’Hara who were to to take him to grandparents in County Cork. He never arrived there and despite an intensive hunt both in Eire and the UK no trace has ever been found of Tommy or the O’Hara’s. Police dug up the garden and pulled up floorboards at Arundel Square in their attempt to solve this mystery. More on Tommy Brereton here.

Martin Allen and Tommy Brereton were both included in an Evening Standard feature on ‘London’s missing people’ in November 1982. (below)

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