Morgan Review

“An independent review into allegations that Sandy Marks was involved in pro-paedophile organisations and whether they have an impact on the conclusions of the White Report.”

Sarah Morgan QC, October 2nd 2018

Call for Information: Morgan Review: 9.2.18

Islington Survivors Network response to Council leader statement about non-recent abuse: 28.9.17

The White Inquiry Report

Press Coverage

‘Islington kids’ home scandal: Council promises lawyer-led inquiry into new evidence’ Islington Gazette, 11th May 2017

‘Islington kids’ home scandal: Shame of ex-mayor Sandy Marks’ pro-paedophile past’ Islington Gazette, 11th May 2017

‘Lawyer will oversee new child abuse inquiry’ Islington Tribune, 12th May 2017

‘Islington Council takes step toward reopening kids’ abuse investigation…but survivors’ groups aren’t happy’ Islington Gazette, 27th July 2017

‘Editor’s comment. Council must answer fears of survivors’ Islington Gazette, 29th July 2017

‘Islington Council orders new inquiry into ex-mayor’s alleged pro-paedophile past’ Islington Gazette, 21st September 2017

‘Child abuse scandal: new probe on the way’ Islington Tribune, 22nd September 2017

‘Council chief forced to admit ‘we were culpable’ as he apologises 25 years on’ Islington Gazette, 28th September 2017

‘Islington Council appoints Sarah Morgan QC to look into ex-mayor Sandy Marks’ alleged pro-paedophile past’ Islington Gazette, 22nd January 2018

‘Barristers will lead probe into conduct of ex-councillor’ Islington Tribune, 26th January 2018

‘Islington abuse scandal: Inquiry into pro-paedophile past of ex-mayor Sandy Marks is officially opened following Gazette investigation’ Islington Gazette, 2nd February 2018

“The inquiry will investigate alleged historic links between former mayor of Islington Sandy Marks (pictured) and pro-paedophile groups.”

‘Can you assist inquiry investigating evidence of former Islington mayor Sandy Marks’ pro-paedophile past?’ Islington Gazette, 12th February 2018

‘Gazette was correct about ex-mayor’s pro-paedophile past, top lawyer concludes’ Islington Gazette, 7th November 2018

‘Survivors say QC’s report into Islington child abuse is ‘massive step back’’ Islington Tribune, 9th November 2018

‘Islington child abuse survivors’ network reacts angrily to claim of ‘no organised abuse’ in Sandy Marks report’ Islington Gazette, 13th November 2018

‘Sandy Marks: Questions over political future of Islington’s disgraced ex-mayor formerly linked to pro-paedophile activists’ Islington Gazette, 13th November 2018

‘Editor’s comment: Labour Party must kick Sandy Marks out unless she comes clean’ Islington Gazette, 15th November 2018

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