I want all caught
Mentioned found arrested, charged
Or known for their crimes
Against society
For every time they abuse a child
Its then the society they live in
That suffers
Drug abuse, drinking
Violent crimes
All for some pervert
To get his kicks

(ISN Survivor)

Those known to have been convicted of child sexual abuse offences including offences relating to abusive images of children and where the information is in the public arena.

Bernie Bain

Patrick Baron-Duff

Nicholas Blatchley

Roy Caterer

Robert Coghlan

Sidney Cooke

Father Eugene Fitzpatrick

John Norman Foss

Morris/Roderick Fraser

Keith Harding

Abraham Jacob

Paul Lamb

Raymond McDonagh

John Picton

Nick Rabet

Peter Righton

Martin Ashley Saville

Derek Slade aka Edward Marsh

Michael Taylor

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