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‘Islington child abuse survivor: ‘I was abused at this care home…were you?’’ Islington Gazette, 26th May 2016

‘Council denies obstructing victims of Islington care home abuse scandal’ Islington Gazette, 22nd September 2016

‘Secret papers show how Archway was nerve centre for child sex apologists in early 1980s’ Islington Gazette, 11th May 2017

Sandy Marks (centre) is pictured in the IGA conference newsletter of April 1980.

‘Islington kids’ home scandal: Council promises lawyer-led inquiry into new evidence’ Islington Gazette, 11th May 2017

‘Islington kids’ home scandal: Shame of ex-mayor Sandy Marks’ pro-paedophile past’ Islington Gazette, 11th May 2017

‘Lawyer will oversee new child abuse inquiry’ Islington Tribune, 12th May 2017

‘Why did police pull plug on new child abuse probe?’ Islington Gazette, 18th May 2017

Dr Liz Davies outside Islington Police Station.

‘Islington kids’ home survivors speak out about horrific abuse still ruining their lives today’ Islington Gazette, 25th May 2017

Barnard Park treehouse in Barnsbury, where abuse survivor ‘Imogen’ slept as a teenage mother with her baby son. Picture: Polly Hancock – Credit: Archant

‘Catholic priest who worked at Balls Pond Road church faces jail for raping and assaulting boys’ Islington Gazette, 26th May 2017

‘Catholic priest who raped and assaulted boys jailed for 22 years’ Islington Gazette, 30th May 2017

‘How Gisburne House in Watford may hold key to abuse inquiry’ Islington Gazette, 1st June 2017

Gisburne House Industrial School for Girls, Watford, in c.1930, which later became Gisburne House Children’s Home run by Islington Council.

‘Editor’s comment: I hope stories will give hope to survivors’ Islington Gazette, 3rd June 2017

‘Revealed: Police were ‘given name of paedophile priest Father Eugene as early as 1992’’ Islington Gazette, 8th June 2017

Police were ‘given name of paedophile priest Father Eugene as early as 1992’

‘‘Predatory’ priest jailed for 22 years for abusing boys’ Islington Tribune, 22nd June 2017

‘Islington Council takes step toward reopening kids’ abuse investigation…but survivors’ groups aren’t happy’ Islington Gazette, 27th July 2017

‘Editor’s comment. Council must answer fears of survivors’ Islington Gazette, 29th July 2017

‘Islington Council orders new inquiry into ex-mayor’s alleged pro-paedophile past’ Islington Gazette, 21st September 2017

Council leader Richard Watts admitted Islington was ‘culpable’ for the kids’ homes abuse scandal as he apologised to survivors.

‘Child abuse scandal: new probe on the way’ Islington Tribune, 22nd September 2017

‘Council chief forced to admit ‘we were culpable’ as he apologises 25 years on’ Islington Gazette, 28th September 2017

Members of Islington Survivors Network and supporters of the group outside Islington Town Hall before the meeting.
Councillor Richard Watts speaks at the meeting at Islington Town Hall on 28th September, 2017.

‘Editor’s comment: Islington Council must compensate all victims of childrens’ homes abuse scandal’ Islington Gazette, 28th September 2017

‘Sex attacks weren’t just limited to kids in care, meeting is told’ Islington Gazette, 29th September 2017

‘Child abuse scandal: ex-mayor is being made a scapegoat’ Islington Tribune, 29th September 2017

‘Whistleblower Dr Liz Davies gets an apology from the council…after 25 years’ Islington Gazette, 3rd October 2017

‘Editor’s comment: At last, abuse survivors are being heard’ Islington Gazette, 4th October 2017

‘Claim council workers ‘helped paedophiles’’ Islington Tribune, 6th October 2017

‘Former scout leader from Islington raped boy in a field on camp, court hears’ Islington Gazette, 14th November 2017

‘Ian Barker: Paedophile scout leader from Islington who sexually abused boy on camp is jailed for 10 years’ Islington Gazette, 16th November 2017

‘Justice for ex-scouts 40 years after abuse’ Islington Tribune, 17th November 2017

‘Editor’s comment: It’s unforgiveable that paedophile scout leader forced his victim to testify in court’ Islington Gazette, 24th November 2017

‘Islington Council appoints Sarah Morgan QC to look into ex-mayor Sandy Marks’ alleged pro-paedophile past’ Islington Gazette, 22nd January 2018

‘Editor’s comment: Why didn’t CPS publicise its decision?’ Islington Gazette, 24th January 2018

‘Barristers will lead probe into conduct of ex-councillor’ Islington Tribune, 26th January 2018

‘Editorial comment: Plenty of rich people could help survivors’ Islington Gazette, 31st January 2018

‘Islington Survivors Network faces collapse if it doesn’t get urgent financial help’ Islington Gazette, 1st February 2018

‘Islington abuse scandal: Inquiry into pro-paedophile past of ex-mayor Sandy Marks is officially opened following Gazette investigation’ Islington Gazette, 2nd February 2018

The inquiry will investigate alleged historic links between former mayor of Islington Sandy Marks (pictured) and pro-paedophile groups.

‘Islington Survivors Network renews desperate appeal for donations to save it from collapse’ Islington Gazette, 12th February 2018

‘Can you assist inquiry investigating evidence of former Islington mayor Sandy Marks’ pro-paedophile past?’ Islington Gazette, 12th February 2018

‘Survivors of abuse in Islington’s children’s homes demand compensation payouts for the horrors they suffered’ Islington Gazette, 23rd May 2018

Dr Davies, original whistleblower on the abuse scandal, was at the meeting where the survivors’ group demanded compensation payouts.

‘Child abuse survivors call for an end to delay in compensation’ Islington Tribune, 25th May 2018

‘Bobby Martin: Islington community stalwart who worked with offenders and abuse survivors dies at 53’ Islington Gazette, 24th July 2018

‘Abuse survivors appeal for help with legal costs so they can fight for compensation’ Islington Gazette, 2nd August 2018

‘Survivors of abuse in Islington children’s homes may sue Town Hall for compensation’ Islington Tribune, 3rd August 2018

‘Islington Survivors Network grill council leader at Question Time event’ Islington Gazette, 3rd October 2018

‘Editor’s comment: Where are the paedophiles mugshots?’ Islington Gazette, 3rd October 2018

‘Islington Survivors Network: Reparations and access to full care records requested’ Islington Gazette, 4th October 2018

‘Editor’s comment: At last, abuse survivors are being heard’ Islington Gazette, 4th October 2018

‘How did files on abuse survivors go missing?’ Islington Tribune, 5th October 2018

‘Islington Survivors Network grill council leader at Question Time event’ Islington Gazette, 15th October 2018

Cllr Richard Watts takes questions from the Islington Survivors Network at Leader’s Question Time.

‘Gazette was correct about ex-mayor’s pro-paedophile past, top lawyer concludes’ Islington Gazette, 7th November 2018

‘Survivors say QC’s report into Islington child abuse is ‘massive step back’’ Islington Tribune, 9th November 2018

‘Islington child abuse survivors’ network reacts angrily to claim of ‘no organised abuse’ in Sandy Marks report’ Islington Gazette, 13th November 2018

‘Sandy Marks: Questions over political future of Islington’s disgraced ex-mayor formerly linked to pro-paedophile activists’ Islington Gazette, 13th November 2018

‘Editor’s comment: Labour Party must kick Sandy Marks out unless she comes clean’ Islington Gazette, 15th November 2018

‘Bobby Martin inquest: Islington community stalwart died of natural causes’ Islington Gazette, 13th December 2018

‘Islington child abuse scandal: Still no payouts for survivors two years on from council pledge’ Islington Gazette, 3rd July 2019

‘Editor’s comment: Survivor’s struggles are council’s too’ Islington Gazette, 7th August 2019

‘Islington child abuse scandal: The struggle to access support services’ Islington Gazette, 7th August 2019

‘Care home survivors say they feel ‘stabbed in the back’ Islington Tribune, 20th September 2019

‘Abuse headteacher left estate to ex-council leader and priest to clear his name after death’ Islington Gazette, 16th December 2019

Left: convicted paedophile Derek Slade. Right: Islington politician Derek Sawyer, one of two executors in Slade’s will.

‘Islington child abuse scandal: Council pays £35,000 out of court settlement after being sued by victim’ Islington Gazette, 17th July 2020

‘Compensation for children’s home abuse survivor’ Islington Tribune, 17th July 2021

‘Islington Council foster carer breaks silence to blow whistle on incorrect pubic statement’, Islington Gazette, October 15th 2020

‘Two survivors of abuse in Islington kids homes have died during coronovirus pandemic – with no compensation’, Islington Gazette, 15th October 2020

‘Proposed £8,000 payout for Islington care home survivors’ Islington Gazette, 12th March 2021

‘Children’s home scandal: care abuse victims to get payout’ Islington Tribune, 12th March 2021

‘Survivors of abuse in Islington children’s homes to receive support payments’ Islington Gazette, 22nd March 2021

‘Islington Council consults on £8,000 child abuse payment scheme’ Islington Gazette, 6th April 2021

‘Consultation over £8k payouts to survivors of care home abuse’ Islington Tribune, 9th April 2021

‘Millions for victims of children’s home abuse’ Mail on Sunday, 25th April 2021

‘Paul Lamb historic rape trial: Ex children’s home manager ‘doused in flour after fondling victim in pantry’ Hull Daily Mail, 27.04.2021

‘Former Driffield Brook Cottage children’s home manager Paul Lamb on trial for historic rape and sex offences against young girls and staff’ Yorkshire Post, 28.04.2021

‘York man, 73, jailed for 17 years for historic sex offences’ York Press, 08.05.2021

‘Former policeman thought he’d got away with ‘sickening’ children’s home sex crimes before justice caught up to him’ Hull Daily Mail, 09.05.2021

‘Former police officer is jailed for raping Islington girl’ Islington Tribune, 14.05.2021

Paul Lamb

‘Jailed: Former Islington police officer raped children’s home teen’ Islington Gazette, 14.05.2021

‘The aged face of a sick children’s home paedophile unmasked after decades evading justice’ Hull Daily Mail, 19.05.2021

‘Ex-Met Police officer and children’s home manager, 73, who raped and abused underage girls across the UK for two decades is jailed for 17 years’ Daily Mail, 19.05.2021

Kids in Care abuse scandal. Betrayed . Cover up ‘Killed’. Fury as report reveals horrors children faced. paedophiles allowed to prey on the vulnerable

(IICSA Report is published on Lambeth children’s homes scandal. ISN contribute to the Press Conference making the links between Islington and Lambeth organised crime networks), Daily Mirror 28.07.2021

‘Survivors of child abuse in Islington to get £10,000’ Islington Gazette, 11.10.2021

‘£10,000 payments for the survivors of abuse scandal’ Islington Tribune, 05.11.2021

‘Care homes abuse scandal: ‘Was my son’s life worthless?’ Islington Tribune, 05.11.2021

‘Relief as survivors are told payment scheme won’t affect their benefits’ Islington Tribune, 05.11.2021

Survivors in the dark as abuse probe is ended. Despair as Met’s care homes investigation is wound down. Islington Tribune 08.04.22

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