Independent report on Savile at children’s homes

In 2014 The Islington Tribune reported that ‘ Education Secretary Michael Gove ordered Islington to investigate information uncovered in the historic police inquiry which links Savile to children’s homes in the borough in the 1960s, 70s and 80s’.

Sheringham Road children’s home is included in this report which states that there were ‘allegations unrelated to Jimmy Savile.’ Also included is Beecholme (spelt Beach Holme in the report) in Surrey, a home that Islington Council sent children to.

From Appendix C: List of schools and homes and the responsible organisations. p14

When ISN asked the council about the government commissioned investigation they said it was all a big mistake. However ISN wonder why any mention would be made of Sheringham Road at all in that case?  Also questions asked of Education Minister Martin Howarth in an email ( 9.4.2016)  gained no response.

Dr Liz Davies letter to the government Minister for Education responsible for the Report.
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