‘those silent voices calling to us from the dark and silent, lonely places in this world and beyond, some offering glimpses of joy.’ (ISN survivor May 21)

Shameful Times

In the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s,
Working in many of Islington’s children’s homes
Were a group of ruthless adults, with freedom to take and to roam.
You, who was working for the authority took from us,
We the small people, needing your trust.
You, who worked for the authority took for your own gain
Perhaps you thought you could sell it off as a game.
We the small people, all the same beneath you
We had no voice, no status, no one to care,
Leaving the doors open, placed in your care.
Some of us for safety or family breakdowns; Who knows for what reason.
But you had our records, showing our vulnerability.
And now in some cases, records are missing or have little to say and no one is held to accountability.
You, who worked for the authority
Received accommodation, a salary, regular meals and a status to move on.
You, working for the authority
Collected us like medals and moved us around,
Never believing we could make a sound.
You, who worked for the authority
Took part in many of distressing crimes, played around with young human minds.
Never did you believe the time would come, when we would grow and move on; With power to share, stories of time that has now gone.
The borough is aware of what happened and gave an apology as a whole.
They say, if you worked in such a place, if you saw or heard of such disgrace; Don’t be apprehensive, come forward, speak out.
Many of voice’s telling the same story can only speak the truth.
The truth as it needs to be known, what really happened in those children’s homes.

Islington Survivor
I Would like to add that not all staff working in Islington’s children’s homes were involved in abuse.
And Rest in Peace to all those that suffered and passed before us. X
Past Masters, twisted reasoning and taboo

Can you not see the damage you do?..
Just ask the victims of secrets by you!.
Crimes of humanity hand-in-hand,
Damaging children across the land.
Children suffered,
violence covered all the while the deep state hovered.
The deeper you go, The more you know, with truth comes pain and woe, don’t be disheartened,
frightened or guarded, through pain points direction to go.
Come on my friend in spirit we’ll blend’ forward together we’ll go.
Mapping and tracking, climbing in feeling, New truth and direction are so.
Can I trust the press who sometimes give less
Than the chance to progress what their the masters suppress.
Government puppets are naive Muppets to another universe you go,
As with only one way, Will you see a great day with only one spirit to know.
If you want to know with your ego in tow then the only answer is no!!!
I call upon the afflicted may your spirits be
lifted and love replenish your soul.

Written by Islington Survivor
To all at Islington Survivors and abuse victims where ever you maybe will be.
You Laughed At My Weaknesses

You laughed at my weaknesses
- So I feared to show them
You trampled on my dreams
- -so I dreamed alone
You were too busy to listen
- -so I never spoke
You handled my secrets
- Indiscreetly – so I ceased to share them
You were insensitive to my needs
- so I hid them from you
You never seemed to understand
- -so I stopped trying to communicate
You hurt me by your indifference
- So I bled inwardly
You wouldn’t let me hear you
- So I kept my distance
You cared for my physical needs
- So my soul became impoverished
You drove me into myself
- So now I am imprisoned.

Islington Survivor
Im going to make this statement about going into care

My hell started as my parents
I was Put in to
My nightmare began
From day one
Abuse physical
And sexual
I avoided sexual
O you knew 
the staff
To avoid being cornered
Some were too late to
But once they knew
You would stand up
To them
Take the abuse the
But not conforming
They lost interest
And moved you from
Home  to home
To stop you interfering
In their business of abusing
Those left in there charge
On the
 duty of care banner
Gov like to shout out about
When it suits them
Wave it like a flag
But in reality does not
I was made a ward of court
I know I lived it
Had to ask the courts permission
To wipe my own arse
Yet no record exists
Of that
How is that even possible
That tells me
Right there alone something was
Covered up
What I cannot remember
But I no
This once I was
No one not one
Even the police
once they knew
Would not put a hand
on me
No one
but i was a teen
by then
And had been in care since
I was ten
So abuse was around
Got my fare share
Of what was being dished out
Until I lost the plot
Chased every single member of staff
Out of the home
And refused to allow any in
No one
On pain of being stabbed
Id had enough
Of it
Then they sectioned me
I was in
Deep doo doo
Was sent
Psycho analyst
Many different docs
An eighteen month
I was drugged daily
like a sick puppy
Couldnt do a thing
Without some form
Of aid
It was my lil brother
Who stepped up
And suddenly
Whilst I was
Out of my nut on meds
They sent my brother
And sister to
80 Highbury new park
As I believe I lost it
Protecting my family
And other kids
From the constant abuse
Physical or sexual
It was an assault course
Which one is worst
How do I avoid
being near this
Fucker  member of staff
Thats why I believe they split us up
So I could not defend my
And it turned out
That way
I know my brother
was getting beats
on a daily basis
Maybe more than one
Attack a day
I knew my bro
I knew wat he would take
And that wat he would

Islington Survivor
Justice or Just Ice ?

One day when inner peace was no more
Falling from grace my journey to the floor
Managing despair, fear, behaviours and conversations
I gave the best of myself as I understood and helped as best to those in need
With some of those above us forgetting to keep their feet on the street
Escaping their fears with drugs and beers and those are just my neighbours
Three I know who share my plight but none who care as ignorance reigns right.
Homes, boarding schools for the maladjusted, assessment centres and approved schools
No praise, no hug , no birthday hub!
Just another day
Years of suppression finally give way
But only after my place in life was taken away
No moving forward - no moving back
Just another addition to despair on the stack.
Tonight at home with a glass of wine feet up!
Munching on your throne
Think of so many children alone
25 years have gone and passed
but still Islington Council run away from the past
But you got an answer at Islington’s pit (town hall culpability at last)
I stood and challenged and run them round good
For my Islington survivors with eyes dimly lit
Challenging with anger and fury I bid
Because that’s the only way to make clear what they did !
Islington survivors I love to the core
As  taking away my isolation I’m not so lonely no more!

Islington Survivor
Gift of Tears

Who will cry for the Little Girl
abandoned on her own
Who will cry for the Little Girl
the Police took from her home
Who will cry for the Little Girl
whose Mother did not come, escaping from
her husband-Beast in panic and despair
Who will cry for the Little Girl
who cried herself to sleep
Who will cry for the Little Girl
for a family she will never meet
Who wil cry for the Little Girl
who walked beside the Beast
Who will cry for the Little Girl
who couldn’t escape his leash
Who will cry for the Little Girl
whose access he did gain
Who will cry for the Little Girl
he raped again and again
Who will cry for the Little Girl
who was placed in Children’s care
Who will cry for the Little Girl
abused again in there
In children’s care they knew my plight
but no one there helped me stop it and fight
Who will cry for the Little Girl
whose body he did distort
Who will cry for the Little Girl
his child she did abort
Who will cry for the Little Girl
whose ghost still lives in me
Who will cry for the Little Girl
who was never meant to be
Who will cry for the Little Girl
who cripples me in Pain
Who will cry for the Little Girl
who makes me live in shame
Who will cry for the Little Girl
her chains still bound round me
Who will cry for the Little Girl
who won’t let me break free
Who will cry for the Little Girl
who tried to do her best
Who will cry for the Little Girl
I must grieve and lay to rest
I’ve carried you for fifty years
and lived my life in Oceans of Tears
But now its time to set you free
and rest your eternal pain in me
WHO WILL CRY? As I am Free!

Islington Survivor

Abuse is Abuse

Abuse is abuse it shouldn’t depend on the number of times it happened

Abuse is abuse

Abuse is abuse no matter where it took place

Absolutely this should not be ignored abuse is abuse

Why not? Abuse is abuse

Why not? Abuse is abuse

Abuse is abuse no matter where you live

Abuse is abuse

Abuse is abuse no matter where or when it took place

Abuse is abuse it doesn’t matter where it happened

Abuse is abuse in any form of disguise

Abuse is abuse

ISN opinions on the Support Payment scheme proposal