Press Coverage 1992-2016

All the press coverage about the Islington child abuse scandal is online and easy to access on the Spotlight On Abuse website which includes coverage of the 70s and 80s before the scandal was exposed during the 1990s.

Here is a long archive list from 1992 onwards with a link to each article:

‘Social worker had sex with boy in care’ Islington Gazette, 23rd March 1992

‘Social worker is cleared of sex abuse of boy, 14’ The Independent, 25th March 1992

‘Worker’s nightmare ends’ Community Care, 2nd April 1992

‘Child care expert fined over photographs of naked boys’ The Independent, 17th September 1992

‘The scandal at the heart of child care’ Evening Standard, 6th October 1992

‘Lured into the Hot House of corruption’ Evening Standard, 7th October 1992

‘Minister acts over our child abuse revelations’ Evening Standard, 7th October 1992

‘All-party backing for inquiry on child abuse’ Evening Standard, 7th October 1992

‘The gay care worker who tried to foster a boy he was banned from seeing’ Evening Standard, 7th October 1992

‘Shane’s story: How Islington hindered a police inquiry into a former worker a boy in care and a pornographer’ Evening Standard, London, 7th October 1992

‘SSD accused of ignoring fears of abuse network’ Community Care, 15th October 1992

‘How Louise, aged 15, was sent back to a life of shame’ Evening Standard, 16th October 1992

‘Children in care: the truth’ Evening Standard, 18th February 1993

‘Islington: The missing evidence’ Evening Standard, 19th February 1993

‘Apologise to the Standard, Islington told’ Evening Standard, 19th February 1993

‘Sacked worker claims he was scapegoated’ Community Care, 19th February 1993

‘Children’s homes out of control’ The Guardian, 19th February 1993

‘Islington denies claims of victimisation’ Community Care, 19th February 1993

‘Islington carpeted in independent inquiry’ Community Care, 25th February 1993

‘Children missing as ‘violent’ home is shut’ Evening Standard, 8th March 1993

‘Child home inspector is demoted’ Evening Standard, 11th March 1993

‘Pervert runs play park in the woods! Kiddie porn haul seized by vice cops’ News of the World, 21st March 1993

‘Police stoned by rioting children at council home’ Evening Standard, 23rd March 1993

‘Unrest quashed by crack team’ Care Weekly, 25th March 1993

‘Country house hideaway of disgraced care chief’ Evening Standard, 6th May 1993

‘Islington abuse case expert is dismissed Standard team wins top award’ Evening Standard, 20th May 1993

‘Tunnard overlooked in children’s home inquiry’ Community Care, 27th May 1993

‘Social work changes put children at risk’ The Guardian, 19th July 1993

‘Guilty as charged. Minister rushes in homes inspectors and praises the Standard’ Evening Standard, 28th July 1993

‘Shock attack on childcare. Islington condemned as official inquiry backs Standard report’ Evening Standard, 28th July 1993

‘Islington: Yard to investigate child sex abuse. The agony goes on for victims and their families’ Evening Standard, 29th July 1993

‘Childcare standards attacked by experts’ The Times, 29th July 1993

‘Council’s social services condemned’ The Independent, 29th July 1993

‘Child sex abuse ring found’ The Sunday Times, 1st August 1993

‘Child care in crisis. Experts damn council services, police probe sex abuse claim’ Islington Gazette, 5th August 1993

‘New shock as child abuse files go missing’ Evening Standard, August 1993

‘SSD’s generic system slated by inquiry team’ Community Care, August 1993

‘Boy flees kidnap bid’ Islington Gazette, 23rd September 1993

‘Standard forces Islington to make crucial changes’ Evening Standard, 27th October 1993

‘Islington’s head of child homes resigns’ Evening Standard, 15th November 1993

‘Social services chief quits’ Islington Gazette, 18th November 1993

‘Cusack retires’ Community Care, 18th November 1993

‘For the sake of the children’ Daily Mail, 19th February 1994

‘Scandal council’s social services director resigns’ Evening Standard, 22nd February 1994

‘An abuse of trust. Scandal of paedophile network preying on youngsters put into their care’ Daily Mail, 24thFebruary 1994

‘Nail in the coffin. Generic social work. One London borough is pulling back from its system of neighbourhood services’ Community Care, 24th February 1994

‘Islington manager faces probe in new care row’ Evening Standard, 15th March 1994

‘Hodge bid to be MP is threatened by sacking’ Evening Standard, 16th March 1994

‘Islington exposed over child welfare’ Evening Standard, 8th July 1994

‘Islington hid criminal past of gay children’s home chief’ Evening Standard, 18th July 1994

‘Children abused by pimps in Islington. Official report confirms the disturbing findings of the Evening Standard investigation into child care’ Evening Standard, 1st August 1994

‘Home sweet home. Runaway boys are found living in a garage’ Islington Gazette, 27th October 1994

‘Islington child care inquiry chief named’ Evening Standard, 4th November 1994

‘Childcare inquiry chief named’ Islington Gazette, 10th November 1994

‘The sad betrayal of a boy in care. How a vulnerable teenager was placed with gay foster parents by Islington council’ Evening Standard, 31st January 1995

‘Political correctness put children at risk’ Evening Standard, 23rd May 1995

‘At last they admit it : we were right. Vital files withheld from police’ Evening Standard, 23rd May 1995

‘Child abuse claims left unchecked. Council too anxious not to offend black and gay staff sensitivities’ The Guardian, 24th May 1995

‘Equal rights policy hid child abuse’ The Telegraph, 24th May 1995

‘How town hall dogma betrayed sex-ring children’ Daily Mail, May 24th 1995

‘Council’s PC bias helped pimps and paedophiles’ The Times, 24th May 1995

‘The truth and Mrs Hodge’ Evening Standard, 25th May 1995

‘At last! Mrs Hodge admits: I was wrong’ Evening Standard, 26th May 1995

‘Stalinist reluctance to study the facts. Reporting the Islington child abuse story was terrifying’ The Independent, 30th May 1995

‘Child sex shame of social workers. Council chief pledges it must not happen again’ Islington Gazette, 1st June 1995

 ‘Register fails to name child abuse suspects’ Evening Standard, 1st August 1995

‘QC questions council secrecy on child abuse staff names’ Evening Standard, 2nd August 1995

‘Abuse case man given child care job’ The Independent, 2nd August 1995

‘Islington child abuse: Ex-worker tracked down’ Evening Standard, 3rd August 1995

‘Country life of a child abuser. Rabet recruited many young boys to work at his activity centre’ Evening Standard, 7th August 1995

‘Islington child abuse: Ex-worker tracked down’ Evening Standard, 3rd August 1995

‘Westminster denies second suspect rumours’ Community Care, 17th August 1995

‘Council search for named suspects’ Community Care, 10th August 1995

‘Islington faces more censure on child care’ Community Care, 10th August 1995

Poison Inquiry over child abuse team’ Evening Standard, 9th November 1995

‘Probe as staff claim: we have been poisoned’ Islington Gazette, 16th November 1995

‘Pension at 44 for child abuse inquiry man’ Evening Standard, 19th January 1996

‘Man linked to child abuse scandal jailed in Morocco’ Evening Standard, 22nd April 1996

‘How one 15 year old boy destroyed a whole family’ Evening Standard, 27th September 1996

Town hall has failed to act on paedophiles’ Islington Gazette, 4th October 1996

‘The disgrace of Mrs Hodge’ Evening Standard, 16th June 2003

‘Yes Minister, you were told about abuse in the care homes, yet you refused to listen’ Evening Standard, 30th June 2003

‘Minister accused on abuse scandal. Hodge knew of scandal from the start’ Evening Standard, 30th June 2003

‘A life scarred by the nightmare of abuse. Hodge’s victims’ Evening Standard, 30th June 2003

‘Pimp preyed on me while I was in care. Hodge’s victims. My brother was abused first and then it was me’ Evening Standard, 1st July 2003

‘Minister for kids in child sex row’ The Sun, 1st July 2003

‘Another minister under fire: call for Hodge to quit over child abuse scandal’ The Independent, 1st July 2003

‘Children’s minister post is too important to get wrong’ Online comment by Liz Davies, The Guardian, 1st July, 2003  

‘Hodge hits back on calls to quit as children’s minister’ The Guardian, 1st July 2003

‘Minister and the sex ring warning. Memo told Hodge: fourteen children at risk. The Minister and her lies’ Evening Standard, 1st July 2003

‘Rising anger over child minister’ Evening Standard, 2nd July 2003

‘Terrifying flashbacks of childhood sexual abuse’ Evening Standard, 2nd July 2003

‘PM defends embattled Hodge over child sex allegations’ The Independent, 2nd July 2003

‘No. 10 defends Hodge as calls grow for her to go’ The Guardian, 2nd July 2003

‘You can’t do this job, Mrs Hodge. New revelations about child sex abuse while you were leader of Islington Council make it impossible for you to be Minister for Children’ Evening Standard, 3rd July 2003

‘Outcry over Hodge delays proposals to reduce child abuse’ The Independent, 3rd July 2003

‘Attack by children’s charities steps up pressure on Hodge. ‘Jaws dropped when her appointment was made’’ Evening Standard, 4th July 2003

‘The abused and the accused. Is she the victim of a 13 year old vendetta or of her own misjudgement? Will she stay or will she go?’ The Independent on Sunday, 6th July 2003

‘Why Ms Hodge must resign’ The Observer, 6th July 2003

‘Hodge’s care home blunders may have let in paedophiles’ The Sunday Times, 6th July 2003

‘Children deserve much better. A Minister who can no longer fulfil her main function of protecting the weak has to go’ The Observer, 6th July 2003

‘Hodge’s history bites back. Liz Davies tells her story for the first time’ (also Guardian online link here) The Observer 6th July 2003

‘Hodge pledges new voice for children’ The Guardian, 9th July 2003

‘Mrs Hodge has not learned anything. ‘Threatening’ letter caused anger and anguish among BBC chiefs’ The Telegraph,12th November 2003

‘Abuse victim to sue minister over complaint to BBC’ The Times, 12th November 2003

‘See you in court Minister. Margaret Hodge under pressure to quit as abuse victims threaten to sue her’ Evening Standard, 12th November 2003

‘Another victim says he will sue Hodge. ‘She gave no apology. I find that amazing” Evening Standard, 12th November 2003

‘If you had an iota of shame Mrs Hodge you’d resign now’ Daily Mail, 12th November 2003

‘Kid’s Minister slurs child abuse victim. Hodge bid to gag Beeb’ The Sun, 12th November 2003

‘Children’s Minister is accused of smearing abuse victim in BBC row’ The Telegraph, 12th November 2003

‘Hodge tried to gag Today over ‘abuse’ Pressure on Hodge rises with call for statement to MPs’ The Guardian, 12th November 2003

‘Hodge must go for slur against child sex victim’ Daily Mail, 12th November 2003

‘Hodge accused of smear campaign after bid to suppress ‘deplorable’ BBC story’ The Independent, 12th November 2003

‘Children’s minister faces fresh call to resign over smear’ The Independent, 13th November 2003

‘Adding new insult to old injury’ The Guardian, 13th November 2003

‘Blair throws protective arm around embattled Hodge’ The Independent, 14th November 2003

‘Hodge child abuse apology not genuine’ The Telegraph, 15th November 2003

‘Ministering Justice – Margaret Hodge should do the honourable thing’ The Times, 15th November 2003

‘I only wanted her to listen. Exclusive interview with Demetrious Panton’ The Daily Mail, 15th November 2003

‘Public humiliation for Hodge’ The Guardian, 15th November 2003

‘Kids Minister faces £18k bill to stay in job’ News of the World, 16th November 2003

‘Hodge faces £10,000 bill to save career’ The Sunday Times, 16th November 2003

‘Explain or be sued victim tells Hodge’ The Independent, 16th November 2003

‘New social worker condemns Hodge. I too want a public apology from Margaret Hodge’ Evening Standard, 17th November 2003

‘‘Downgraded’ Hodge still under pressure despite court apology’ Evening Standard, 18th November 2003

‘Howard puts PM on spot over refusal to sack Hodge’ Evening Standard, 19th November 2003

‘Mrs Hodge said I was ‘disturbed’. Now I’m going to beat her on election day’ Evening Standard, 12th April 2005

‘London care home chief used games to lure Thai boys for sex’ The Telegraph, 17th July 2005

‘Last month this man killed himself in Thailand after being accused of sexually abusing 300 boys. I have to ask this disturbing question. Would these boys have suffered if Margaret Hodge’s London council had not protected him?’ The Mail on Sunday, June 11th 2006

‘A foster mother pays tribute to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s compassion’ The Daily Mail, 27th January 2007

‘Obituary: Anne Goldie. Social worker who was instrumental in exposing sexual abuse’ The Guardian, 4th May 2007

‘I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years. I had so not wanted to be right’ The Mail on Sunday, 2nd March 2008

‘We must support the Jersey survivors’ Online comment by Liz Davies, The Guardian 1st August, 2008

‘Birmingham council sent children to Jersey’ The Mail on Sunday, 3rd August 2008

‘Baby P’s close relative is linked to a big paedophile network’ The Daily Mail, 15th November 2008

‘Why there will soon be a new baby P scandal – by the woman who tried to warn of danger’ The Mail on Sunday 9th May, 2009

‘I raised the alarm about the Baby P family 15 years ago. I still want answers’ Evening Standard, 22nd May 2009

‘Top Ofsted job for official embroiled in notorious child sex scandal’ The Daily Mail, 3rd October 2009

‘Jimmy Savile abuse: Islington is still covering up’ Sunday Telegraph, 6th April 2014

‘Margaret Hodge ‘sorry’ as council she led told to investigate Savile abuse allegations’ Sunday Telegraph, 6th April 2014

‘A blind eye to child abuse: Whistleblowers warned Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn of paedophiles preying on children on his doorstep – but claim he did NOTHING’ The Daily Mail, 31st July 2015

‘Child abuse expert vows to fight on until ‘whole sordid picture’ of Islington’s paedophile ring revealed’ Islington Gazette, 14th January 2015

‘Lambeth social services carer Leslie Paul jailed for child sex abuse’ BBC News, 14th January 2016

‘Canonbury sex offence man jailed for 13 years after abusing his position of trust’ Islington Gazette, 14th January 2016

‘Lambeth child sex abuser Leslie Paul ‘could have been stopped’, says victim’ BBC News, 15th January 2016

Social Media / Blogs

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Bits of Books – 1975-1980: Islington Council helps fund voluntary organisation promoting PIE

Bits of Books – 1978-1983: Architects of PIE infiltrate Islington gay youth group to lobby MPs directly with Heath & Mandelson’s help

UNFINISHED – Podcast A true crime podcast looking at the most troubling cold cases in the east of England. Unfinished’s latest series explores how a local newspaper journalist exposed an alleged police cover-up of a paedophile ring in Essex. From the 90s there have been considerable connections between the Islington and Essex abuse networks.


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