13 Torrington Park

Address: 13 Torrington Park, North Finchley, London N12
Open: 1971 – 1981?

Number of ISN survivors that lived at Torrington Park children’s home

2 ISN survivors were in this children’s home in 1980 for a few months.

Numbers of children living at Torrington Park children’s home

This information is not fully known but the 2 children were very young and attended nursery. It is a 5 bedroomed property and the advertisement below shows there was a resident houseparent. On an ISN file a social worker was considering this home for a 15 year old girl.

1983: 8 children (Islington survivor file entry)

Residential staff mentioned on file as working at Torrington Park children’s home : 3 women and 2 men

Life at Torrington Park children’s home:

Little is known about this home but it is clear that the staff welcomed family visits. 1983: One girl missing and place being kept open. The long term children resented the new ones. It was a family based home.

Daily Mirror, 09.08.1971
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