17 Ardilaun Road

Address: 17 Ardilaun Road, Highbury, London N5 2QR

Open: 1954-1975 or later

In 1959 the Children’s Department of the London County Council listed 17 Ardilaun Road as a small children’s home in the North Eastern district. 

An ISN survivor lived in Ardilaun Road in 1970.

In 1973 an extensive fire was reported in the media. (Evening Standard, 12.04.1973)

Birmingham Daily Post 12.4.1973

However, confusingly in 1975 Pat Haynes, an Islington Councillor in his book, which is a diary of his life as an Islington politician, refers to a debate on the proposed children’s home in 1975.

6.5.75:  We had a debate on a proposed children’s home in Ardilaun Road because the Planning Committee and the Social Services Committee were in dispute. We agreed after a vote to permit the social services proposal for a home.

Haynes P (1994) An Islington Councillor 1971-1992. P Haynes London N1 p33

In 1970 1 ISN survivor lived at Ardilaun Rd children’s home when age 11 years.

Numbers of children living at Ardilaun Rd children’s home


Residential staff who worked at Ardilaun Rd children’s home

One manager is named on a survivor’s file in 1970.

Life in Ardilaun Road children’s home

Very little is known about this home. It has been described by survivors as a hostel yet a boy of 11 was placed there. The regime appeared harsh and blaming of the children.  

The Islington child psychiatrist Dr Jack Waldman visited the children in this home.

The manager said they had a kitten which the children fed.

Nothing more is known about the circumstances of the fire in 1973.

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