44 Islington Park Street

Address: 44 Islington Park Street, Islington N1 1PX

This home is a mystery – but according to Guardian article in 2015 it was a commune run by a Franciscan Friar since the 70s. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jun/06/commune-members-face-eviction

Survivors however have been very insistent in describing this home as having blue double doors. They describe rows of beds in the cellar like dormitories. ‘It had been a children’s home for ages.’ ‘ It was like a brothel.’ ‘ Children were prostituted from there.’ ‘You’ve got to look into that place – everyone knew of itcars pulled up all the time to pick up kids.’

This may be one home ISN cannot prove was run by Islington but we are including it because survivors have been so convinced about it being linked to the abuse networks.

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