Ave Maria

Glenure Road Eltham , London SE9

Open: 1973-1980

Formerly an Approved School.

Run by the Sisters of Mercy and managed by Greenwich.

Life at Ave Maria in the late 70s – a ISN survivor account

Mother Patrick was the principal in charge of Ave Maria. it was a school for 500 girls and was based on discipline not relationships. children were made to feel bad and had to be forgiven by god. On admission all our possessions and clothes were taken away and we had to wear overalls and sandals.  We had to be in total silence all the time except for praying.  In the evening we had to sew and crochet and the items were sold for the convent.  There was no TV and we had to scrub the stairs and floor and hide the buckets and brooms when anyone came along.

The nuns had good food but we had disgusting food like stewed celery. There were cells with bars on the windows. We were locked in.  The education we received was mainly religious.

I told the senior social worker in Islington everything but she did nothing. I ran away a lot.

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