Brian McAndrew – Author Islington Inquiry reports 1992-1994

LBIInquiry 94

Brian McAndrew was Chief Executive at the London Borough of Enfield in the 90s. In 1992, McAndrew wrote the ‘Independent Management Review into aspects of child care in Islington’ with Jo Tunnard, former Chief Executive of Family Right Group. They concluded that there was confusion of roles between staff and ‘conflicts of style, organisation, objectives and philosophy’ which were unaddressed. (This report has not been released). Tunnard and McAndrew stated “late in the review we discovered that reports had been written last Autumn… we had neither seen them nor knew they existed.  We are concerned that they did not form part of the briefing material we received.”  Tunnard had no further involvement with the Inquiry after this first stage and claimed she had ‘been pushed’.

Islington: The Missing Evidence 

McAndrew then wrote with Emlyn Cassam, the ‘Report for the London Borough of Islington on the management of child care within the neighbourhood services department’ (1993)

He also wrote ‘ Independent management review into missing persons’  which concluded that security of files should be addressed and work done on file retention.

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