Eileen Fairweather – Freelance Investigative Journalist

Eileen Fairweather is a freelance investigative journalist who has worked with a number of newspapers to expose the scandal of the abuse of children in Islington since the story broke in October 1992 and until the present day. Her numerous articles on Islington are listed below.

She has won Press Awards for her work alongside Stewart Payne, journalist for the Evening Standard in the 90s. She also wrote a chapter, about how she exposed the scandal, in a book by Geoffrey Hunt (1994) Whistleblowers in the Social Services.

‘The scandal at the heart of child care’

Evening Standard, 6th October 1992

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‘Lured into the Hot House of corruption’

Evening Standard, 7th October 1992

‘Minister acts over our child abuse revelations’

Evening Standard, 7th October 1992

‘All-party backing for inquiry on child abuse’

Evening Standard, 8th October 1992

‘The gay care worker who tried to foster a boy he was banned from seeing’

Evening Standard, 7th October 1992

‘The prime suspect’

Evening Standard, 7th October 1992

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‘How Louise, aged 15, was sent back to a life of shame’

Evening Standard, 16th October 1992

‘Children In Care: The Truth’

Evening Standard, 18th February 1993

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‘Islington: The Missing Evidence’

Evening Standard, 19th February 1993

‘Children missing as ‘violent’ home is shut’

Evening Standard, 8th March 1993

‘Child home inspector is demoted’

Evening Standard, 11th March 1993

‘Country house hideaway of disgraced care chief’

Evening Standard, 6th May 1993

‘Islington abuse case expert is dismissed’

Evening Standard, 20th May 1993

‘Guilty As Charged’

Evening Standard, 28th July 1993

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‘Shock attack on childcare’

Evening Standard, 28th July 1993

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‘Islington: yard to investigate child sex abuse’

Evening Standard, 29th July 1993

‘Standard forces Islington to make crucial changes’

Evening Standard, 27th October 1993

‘Islington’s head of child homes resigns’

Evening Standard, 15th November 1993

‘Scandal council’s social services director resigns’

Evening Standard, 22nd February 1994

‘Islington hid criminal past of gay children’s home chief’

Evening Standard, 18th July 1994

‘Children abused by pimps in Islington’

Evening Standard, 1st August 1994

‘The sad betrayal of a boy in care’

Evening Standard, 31st January 1995

‘At last they admit it: We were right’

Evening Standard, 23rd May 1995

‘Political correctness put children at risk’

Evening Standard, 23rd May 1995

‘Vital files ‘withheld from police’’

Evening Standard, 23rd May 1995

‘Stalinist reluctance to study the facts’ 

The Independent, 30th May 1995

‘Islington child abuse: Ex-worker tracked down’

Evening Standard, 3rd August 1995

‘Country life of a child abuser’

Evening Standard, 7th August 1995

‘Pension at 44 for child abuse inquiry man’

Evening Standard, 19th January 1996

‘Man linked to child abuse scandal jailed in Morocco’

Evening Standard, 22nd April 1996

‘Last month this man killed himself in Thailand after being accused of sexually abusing 300 boys’

Mail on Sunday, 11th June 2006

‘A foster mother pays tribute to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s compassion’

Mail on Sunday, 27th January 2007

‘I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,’ says award-winning journalist’

Mail on Sunday, 2nd March 2008

‘Birmingham Council sent children to Jersey’

Mail on Sunday, 3rd August 2008

‘Revealed: How a close male relative of Baby P is linked to a big paedophile network’

Mail on Sunday, 16th November 2008

‘I raised the alarm about Baby P family 15 years ago. I still want answers’

Evening Standard, 22nd May 2009

‘Top Ofsted job for official embroiled in notorious child sex scandal’

Evening Standard, 3rd October 2009

‘Jimmy Savile abuse: Islington is still covering up’

Sunday Telegraph, 6th April 2014

‘Millions for victims of children’s home abuse’ 

Mail on Sunday, 25th April 2021

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