Emma Youle

Emma Youle was the Islington Gazette’s Investigations Journalist in 2017. She worked on the Sandy Marks investigation which led to the Sarah Morgan Review. Her articles on Islington are listed below, some were co-written with the Gazette’s then editor, Ramzy Alwakeel. In 2017 she won Private Eye’s Paul Foot Award for investigative journalism.

‘Secret papers show how Archway was nerve centre for child sex apologists in early 1980s’ 

Islington Gazette, 11th May 2017

Sandy Marks (centre) is pictured in the IGA conference newsletter of April 1980.

‘Islington kids’ home scandal: Council promises lawyer-led inquiry into new evidence’ 

Islington Gazette, 11th May 2017

‘Islington kids’ home scandal: Shame of ex-mayor Sandy Marks’ pro-paedophile past’ 

Islington Gazette, 11th May 2017

‘Why did police pull plug on new child abuse probe?’ 

Islington Gazette, 18th May 2017

‘Islington kids’ home survivors speak out about horrific abuse still ruining their lives today’ 

Islington Gazette, 25th May 2017

‘How Gisburne House in Watford may hold key to abuse inquiry’ 

Islington Gazette, 1st June 2017

Gisburne House Industrial School for Girls, Watford, in c.1930, which later became Gisburne House Children’s Home run by Islington Council.

‘Islington Council orders new inquiry into ex-mayor’s alleged pro-paedophile past’ 

Islington Gazette, 21st September 2017

Council leader Richard Watts admitted Islington was ‘culpable’ for the kids’ homes abuse scandal as he apologised to survivors.

‘Council chief forced to admit ‘we were culpable’ as he apologises 25 years on’ 

Islington Gazette, 28th September 2017

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