Geoffrey Dickens – MP

Geoffrey Dickens was Conservative MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth 1983-1995.

Following his presentation to the Home Office of two dossiers about sexual crimes against children, in 1986 Geoffrey Dickens said he had received reports about ‘child brothels’ being run on a council estate close to Archway in Islington. He said 40 children were involved, some as young as 6 years old, and that he had sent tape recordings to the Home Secretary Douglas Hurd and to police at Scotland Yard.

These allegations were denied at the time by the Director of Social Services, John Rea-Price. Yet, in the very area where Dickens was highlighting his concerns, a 17 year old girl was found murdered in a cupboard in a block of council flats.

Dickens was ridiculed for his opinions at the time and Jeremy Corbyn is reported as saying that Dickens should withdraw his allegations and that he was breaching parliamentary procedure by raising an issue from another MP’s area.

In 2013, David Cameron, prime minister,  asked for an investigation into the missing Dickens dossiers. A Home Office review in 2013 concluded that any information requiring investigation was referred to the police but revealed that Mr Dickens’ dossiers had not been retained.

Social Work Today, 24.02.1986
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