Grosvenor Avenue

Address: 114 Grosvenor Avenue, Islington N5 2NY
Open: 1971 -2002

Number of ISN survivors that lived at Grosvenor Avenue children’s home: 25: 17 men and 8 women

1970s: 7 boys 4 girls

1980s: 10 boys 4 girls

Numbers of children named by ISN survivors as living at Grosvenor Avenue children’s home: 92 : 53 boys and 39 girls

1970s: 34 boys 19 girls

1980s: 19 boys 20 girls

Residential staff named by ISN survivors as working at Gisburne House children’s home: 67: 35 men and 32 women

Life at Grosvenor Avenue children’s home This information will be added soon

Daily Mirror, 28.08.1974
Nicholas Rabet
Nicholas Rabet, Deputy Manager of Grosvenor Avenue

Nicholas Rabet was the Deputy Manager of 114 Grosvenor Avenue children’s home and ‘dressed like a cowboy’. He had previously worked at Gisburne House. He owned a children’s activity centre in Sussex called The Stables. He was investigated by Sussex Police in 1992 and they asked for Islington Council’s assistance, but, despite the police’s best efforts, no prosecution followed.  He moved to Thailand and was prosecuted there of abuse of 30 boys some as young as 6 years old,  and he committed suicide in 2006 before any conviction took place. One residential social worker and whistleblower said that children were taken from Grosvenor Avenue to The Stables. Children from Grosvenor Avenue were also taken by Rabet to Jersey

Promotional leaflet for The stables centre in Heathfield (reverse pictured below)

Country life of a child abuser; ‘Rabet recruited many young boys to work at his activity centre’ Evening Standard, 07.08.1995

Letter proving that Islington Council were asked to assist with the investigation of Nick Rabet in April 1992
‘Terrifying flashbacks of childhood sexual abuse’

Evening Standard, 02.07.2003

WhiteFlowers Vigil at Grosvenor Avenue 2014

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