Hutton Poplars

Address: Hutton Poplars, Rayleigh Road, Hutton, Brentwood, Essex

Open: 1906 to 1982

History and photos on the Hutton Poplars Hall website.

James Reeves, Islington Survivor , has given an account of his time at Hutton Poplars here (the account also covers Beecholme).

In 1966, Islington Council Minutes state that 119 children were placed at Hutton Poplars from Islington. The children placed there were the responsibility of the LCC but in 1970 the London Borough of Hackney took over the ownership.

Islington Council minutes, 11.01.1966 (continued below)
The Times, 26.05.1962
Marylebone Mercury, 17.01.1964
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