Jeremy Corbyn – Islington Labour MP since 1983

MP for Islington North, 1983-2016.

5 Islington whistleblowers went to see Jeremy Corbyn in 1992 and told him about the abuse scandal. He said he would discuss this with Virginia Bottomley who was then Secretary of State for Health.

In 1986, Geoffrey Dickens MP said he had evidence that child brothels were being run on an estate in the Archway district of Islington, involving about 40 children down to the age of six. Jeremy Corbyn accused Dickens of irresponsible behaviour and demanded he withdraw the allegations.

Social Work Today, 24.02.1986

‘A blind eye to child abuse: Whistleblowers warned Jeremy Corbyn of paedophiles preying on children on his doorstep – but claim he did nothing’ Daily Mail, 02.08.2015

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