John Picton

In 1983 John Picton, an Islington Council residential care worker, abducted a 13 year old boy from the Elwood Street children’s home and took him to France. He is now deceased.

Evening Standard, 21.09.1983
Islington Gazette, 23.09.1983
Islington Gazette, 07.09.1983
Islington Gazette, 11.11.1983
Islington Gazette, 11.11.1983
Islington Gazette, 02.12.1983
John Picton was supported by paedophile magazine Minor Problems.

In 2018 ISN revealed that amongst PIE’s newsletters in archive, a May 1984 edition of PIE publication Minor Problems showed that PIE felt that it had sufficient sway over Islington Council to demand that John Picton be permitted to meet the child again.

Minor Problems, May 1984 
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