John Rea Price

Director of Social Services in Islington from 1972-1992. He had worked in Islington as a probation officer and children’s social worker. He left Islington’s employment to begin work at the National Children’s Bureau in April 1992 – before the abuse scandal was exposed in October 1992. 

Islington Gazette, 07.03.1972

Jan 27th 1972, Health and social services committee

“This evening was devoted to the appointment of a new Director; I was interested and attended as an observer. John Rea Price was the most impressive and indeed the successful candidate; he was with us for 18 years, well regarded and with a national reputation. I recall Gerry Flynn saying ‘Rea Price? Not at any price!’ But John got the job and a salary of £6000 per annum…”

Pat Haynes (1994) An Islington councillor 1971-1992
Council minutes, December 1990


“Mike Devenney congratulates John Rea Price on becoming President of the Association of Directors of Social Services a great honour. John had a national reputation but had been under severe criticism often unfairly for lack of financial stringency.”

Pat Haynes (1994) An Islington councillor 1971-1992
Community Care, 1991
Report sent to John Rea Price by Gisburne House staff (names redacted), 1983. This was sent twice by the two staff members and no response was received