New Park House

Address: New Park House, 1 Hanyards Lane, Cuffley

Open: 1965 – 1984

Picture from a Christmas card a survivor had kept.

Number of ISN survivors that lived at New Park House children’s home. 16: 7 men and 9 women

1960s: 0 boys 1 girl

1970s 3 boys 8 girls

1980s 4 boys 0 girls

Numbers of children named by ISN survivors as living at New Park House children’s home: 88

44 boys and 44 girls

1960s: 6 boys 9 girls

1970s: 19 boys 22 girls

1980s: 19 boys 13 girls

Numbers of children named in documents as living at New Park House children’s home:

1977 council minutes state the this home is a group home for 17 children.

17 children mainly adolescent boys in 1978 ( 22.6.78 Herts & Essex Observer)

1983: A survivor’s file entry states 12 girls. Some due to leave but there are problems when the children return to Islington.

Residential staff named by ISN survivors as working in New Park House children’s home: 30: 14 men and 16 women (1968- 1984)

Life at this children’s home This information will be added soon

ISN Freedom of Information request about police investigations

The entry below for New Park House points to one man who worked in both NPH and Gisburne House. The police redactions prevent us from naming him but we believe he is now deceased.

“I had a magic fever 
I had it very bad, bad, bad, 
they wrapped me in a blanket
 and threw me in a van, van, van, 
the van was very bumpy 
I nearly tumbled out, out, out, 
and when I got to New Park House 
I heard the children shout, 
Mummy Daddy take me home 
from this horrible children’s home 
I’ve been here a year or two
 now they are abusing me and you!”

Islington Survivor of New Park House, 2018
Islington Library document: 18.10.65
Planning document, 29.04.1968
Islington Council minutes, 26.03.1977
Islington Council minutes, 31.01.1979
Observer 30.6.74 p20

The above advertisement for a Senior Houseparent for New Park House is described as an ‘ interesting post for a mature person’. ‘Men and women with child care skills but not necessarily with formal training.’

Herts & Essex Observer, 22.06.1978
Girls Not Allowed. A history of Bedminster Boys Club by Andy Lewis (2014) Silverwood Publisher
Extract from Girls Not Allowed: A History of Bedminster Down Boys’ Club by Andy Lewis
Bedminster Downs Boys Club memory – November 1976 (continued below)
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