New Park House

Address: New Park House, 1 Hanyards Lane, Cuffley

Open: 1965 – 1984

Picture from a Christmas card a survivor had kept.

Number of ISN survivors that lived at New Park House children’s home. 16: 7 men and 9 women

1960s: 0 boys 1 girl

1970s 3 boys 8 girls

1980s 4 boys 0 girls

Numbers of children named by ISN survivors as living at New Park House children’s home: 88

44 boys and 44 girls

1960s: 6 boys 9 girls

1970s: 19 boys 22 girls

1980s: 19 boys 13 girls

Numbers of children named in documents as living at New Park House children’s home:

1977 council minutes state the this home is a group home for 17 children.

17 children mainly adolescent boys in 1978 ( 22.6.78 Herts & Essex Observer)

Residential staff named by ISN survivors as working in New Park House children’s home: 30: 14 men and 16 women (1968- 1984)

Life at this children’s home This information will be added soon

“I had a magic fever 
I had it very bad, bad, bad, 
they wrapped me in a blanket
 and threw me in a van, van, van, 
the van was very bumpy 
I nearly tumbled out, out, out, 
and when I got to New Park House 
I heard the children shout, 
Mummy Daddy take me home 
from this horrible children’s home 
I’ve been here a year or two
 now they are abusing me and you!”

Islington Survivor of New Park House, 2018
Islington Library document: 18.10.65
Planning document, 29.04.1968
Islington Council minutes, 26.03.1977
Islington Council minutes, 31.01.1979
Observer 30.6.74 p20

The above advertisement for a Senior Houseparent for New Park House is described as an ‘ interesting post for a mature person’. ‘Men and women with child care skills but not necessarily with formal training.’

Herts & Essex Observer, 22.06.1978
Girls Not Allowed. A history of Bedminster Boys Club by Andy Lewis (2014) Silverwood Publisher
Extract from Girls Not Allowed: A History of Bedminster Down Boys’ Club by Andy Lewis
Bedminster Downs Boys Club memory – November 1976 (continued below)
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