Roy Caterer

Roy Caterer, a chief fire officer, was a volunteer canoe instructor at Shephall Manor boarding school in Stevenage where some Islington children were sent. He received a 7 year sentence of imprisonment, in 1991, for abuse of 7 boys and 2 girls some of whom were in the care of Islington and from Irene Watson Neighbourhood. Caterer told police he had abused countless Islington children over many years. A number of survivors have come forward to ISN who went to Shephall Manor School indicating that what he said was true. Survivors say that he died the day he came out of prison.

Children’s Homes Linked to Roy Caterer

80 Highbury New Park

Shephall Manor School

Press Coverage

‘A life scarred by the nightmare of abuse’, Evening Standard 30.06.2003

‘Pimp preyed on me while I was in care’, Evening Standard 01.07.2003

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