Sheringham Road

Address: 11 Sheringham Road, Islington N7
Open: 1970-1991

Number of ISN survivors that lived at Sheringham Road children’s home

33: 22 men and 11 women

1970s: 5 girls 12 boys

1980s:5 girls 10 boys

1990s:1 girl

Numbers of children named by ISN survivors and witnesses as living at Sheringham Road children’s home : 93

1970s: 12 girls 24 boys

1980s:27 girls 22 boys

1990s: 2 girls 6 boys

Numbers of children named in other documents as living in Sheringham Road children’s home

In 1983 a file entry stated the home had a strong girls group and that the age range was flexible. It also said children from 29 Highbury New Park and Grosvenor Avenue intermingled (Islington Survivor file).

In 1984 it was reported that 13 staff cared for 7 children (Islington Gazette 1.12.84) and in 1987 it was reported that the home was for children age 14-17 yrs. There must have been a change in the age range of children as ISN know of children much younger there in the 70s (Islington Gazette 7.10.83.)

Residential staff named by ISN survivors and witnesses

55 men and 55 women

Life at this children’s home This information will be added soon

Job advert in the Daily Mirror, 29.07.1970 (wife can also be appointed as an RSW)
Evening Standard, 03.09.1982
The Times, 04.09.1982
Evening Standard, 10.09.1982
Community Care, 18.11.1982
Islington Gazette, 01.12.1984

In relation to the above article it is important to know that survivors say that those children involved in the group Black in Care had campaigned for proper hair care and for increased funds to go towards providing for the specific care needs of black children in the home.

Evening Standard, 15.05.1981
Children placed in a temporary ‘former day centre’

A survivor who was age 15 years said ‘ There was a strike in the 80s. Sheringham Road children were taken to Corsica Street. We were told at shift change at midday. It was an unused warehouse. The place looked like after a disaster. We were given beds and pillows and charity clothes.’ This article (Islington Gazette 26.2.82) describes it as a ‘ temporary childrens home in a former day centre’. More information on the Industrial Action page.

Islington Gazette 26.2.82
The Times, 25.02.1982

‘Minister and the Sex Ring Warning’

Evening Standard, 01.07.2003

‘Former police officer is jailed for raping Islington girl’ Islington Tribune, 14.05.2021

Paul Lamb

‘Jailed: Former Islington police officer raped children’s home teen’ Islington Gazette, 14.05.2021

The Guardian, 16.06.1982
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