Vivian Loki

Some ISN survivors remember Vivien very well as they went to school with her and were in the same friendship circles. The prosecuting barrister Mr Bevan described Vivien as a ‘normal, ordinary girl who was sexually inexperienced.’

17 year old Vivian Loki went missing in Islington on 22nd December 1987. She had worked as a painter and decorator for Islington Council. She had not been in Islington’s care but was known to social services as she had asked for accommodation. Her body was eventually found in March 1988 in a black plastic bag in a locked meter cupboard. ISN have heard that the cupboard had been broken into by squatters and the council had sealed it shortly before before Vivien went missing. The cupboard was kept locked and only Islington Council and the fire brigade had keys for it.

A homeless man called Adolphus Farrell was charged with murder and disposing of a body to prevent burial. An inquest into her death was opened and then adjourned with no set date to resume. At the trial Adolphus Farrell gave different accounts of what happened. On 9.5.89 Adolphus Raymond Anthony Farrell was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. A news report from the trial stated:

On the night of her disappearance Miss Loki was left alone with Adolphus Farrell, 20, of no fixed address. Farrell was staying at a friend’s in the tower block where her body was later found, Goldie House, Hazelville Road, Hornsey Rise.

Farrell was questioned several times and told a number of conflicting stories, some of which were ‘bewildering’, said Mr Bevan.

At first he claimed she had left his flat at 3am and he had watched her go from his balcony.

Then he said he had left her in the living room and returned to find her dead.

Later Farrell claimed that he and the girl had indulged in a sex romp. Afterwards, he told detectives, he found her dead. He said he panicked, dressed the body and then wrapped it in bin liners and dumped it in the cupboard.

Another version he gave was that three men burst into the flat brandishing a shotgun. Farrell said they were wearing suits and one of them had a scar across his face. He claimed they strangled Miss Loki and threatened to kill him if he told anyone.

Mr Bevan said that one detective described that account as ‘the most incredible story I have ever heard in 26 years of policing‘.”

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