Islington Council consults on £8,000 child abuse payment scheme

Islington Gazette, 6th April 2021

Islington Council has launched a consultation on a proposed support payment scheme for survivors of abuse they suffered while placed by the council in one of its children’s homes from 1966 to 1995. 

The proposed scheme would enable abuse survivors to receive a financial support payment of £8,000, without having to bring a civil compensation claim. 

Payments would be made through a process that is as straightforward and quick to access as possible, and that minimises the need to re-live past trauma, or the risk of further trauma or harm. 

The support payment scheme is not a compensation scheme, and is rather designed to sit alongside the existing civil compensation route, rather than to replace it.  

The scheme would have no bearing on any civil compensation claims that abuse survivors may bring, except that a payment made under the scheme would be deducted from any compensation payment made. 

It would become part of the council’s existing support offer for survivors which includes trauma counselling, specialist advice support and assistance for care, housing, appropriate welfare benefits, access to further education and employment and support to access care records. 

Carmel Littleton, the council’s corporate director, said: “Abuse of children in Islington’s care homes was the worst chapter in the council’s history, and we are deeply sorry for the council’s past failure to protect vulnerable children. 

“The council would especially like to hear from abuse survivors; people who were placed in Islington Council children’s homes between 1966-1995; and support groups for survivors and people who were placed in Islington Council care between 1966-1995. 

“All comments or suggestions made during the consultation will be carefully considered before the proposed scheme is finalised. 

“The council today is a very different organisation from in the 1960s-1990s, and today protecting children from harm is its top priority.” 

Comments and suggestions can be made until Tuesday, 18 May.

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